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In one of our episodes, we had the opportunity to speak with Alexis Montelongo, an engineer and project manager in the oil sector in the Canary Islands, who highlights the importance of the sector and its impact on increasing safety and quality standards in ship repairs.

During the conversation, Montelongo emphasizes how the arrival of oil companies in the early 2000s raised the level of onboard safety and quality in the region, driving the development of the port and related activities. Montelongo delves into the process from exploration to distribution, emphasizing the need for continuous training and proficiency in English in this globalized industry.


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Additionally, Montelongo shares anecdotes and reflections on the importance of onboard safety and personal satisfaction in contemplating the sea. He emphasizes the need to understand the risks and responsibilities at sea, as well as the importance of effective communication in English, the predominant language in the industry. He also highlights the sector’s evolution and the challenges it faces, such as fluctuations in oil prices and the demand for qualified personnel.

For those aspiring to enter the industry, Montelongo recommends seeking appropriate training, such as that provided at Stier Training Centre, and pursuing their passion with determination. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the operation of oil platforms and staying updated with the latest trends and safety standards. Furthermore, he encourages future generations to follow the path that makes them happy, always maintaining a focus on safety and professional excellence.



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