Maritime Rescue awards the construction of four new rapid intervention vessels

embarcación rápida

Salvamento Marítimo, a company dependent on the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility through the General Directorate of Merchant Marine, has awarded the construction of four new salvamar-type rapid intervention vessels. The amount of the contract, awarded to Astilleros Armón, is 11.39 million euros. The incorporation of these four rescuers into the Maritime Rescue fleet is part of the 2024 Annual Action Plan and will allow the replacement of those that are older within the fleet, although their definitive geographical destination has not yet been determined.

Salvamars are high-speed vessels, highly maneuverable and shallow draft, appropriate for acting in circumstances in which speed of response plays a fundamental role. This type of unit participates in the majority of emergencies attended by the Maritime Rescue service thanks to its rapid response and versatility, either directly resolving the emergency or as support for other means of intervention.

The boats will have a length of between 20 and 22 meters and will reach speeds of 38 knots. Built in aluminum and with a low gunwale, they are suitable for rescuing castaways from the water, in addition to providing towing and assistance.

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