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At Grupo Stier the agency services are identified as “Stier ShipAgency” even though, they benefit of our Team’s experience and the different activities that the company develops. Both added values have a direct impact on the solutions that Stier ShipAgency offers as specialised agency for the emergency calls, the ability to deal with project cargo operations and/or, any logistics which could be considered difficult or different. The key of our success is based on our qualification and experience to minimise port calls time and cost.

Stier Shipagency is cost and time saving. Our knowledge and skills allow us to identify opportunities, to optimize procedure and to reduce the ship calls costs. Our efficient operations are ratified by our Customers’ satisfaction for no delays in the operations and at the reception of clear, transparent and fully documented disbursement accounts. This approach benefits our Clients and contributes to greater readiness in operations.

At Stier Shipagency our main objective is to guarantee a professional and efficient attention throughout the year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our permanent readiness allows us to provide prompt assistance paying a special attention to the changing market’s needs either in terms of documentation, coordination of services or resolution of unforeseen problems. That’s essential to keep us updated in such a highly dynamic maritime environment where time and efficiency are crucial.

In short, Stier Shipagency is an efficient partner where companies operating in the Canaries can rely on. Our 24h readiness; commitment to quality and; the ability to save time and costs to our Clients are excellent key points choice for those looking for a solid representation in this strategic hub between three continents.


Grupo Stier is a Women Owned Company certified by WeConnect International. WEConnect International allows safe transactions with women-owned businesses that meet market standards. WeConnect International helps drive money into the hands of women business owners by enabling them to equally compete in the global marketplace.

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