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From 1994 to 2015, the Atlantic Maritime Studies Centre (CEMA) played a pivotal role in educating and training professionals in the Port Community of the Canary Islands as an integral part of the Stier Group. During those years, CEMA stood out as a leading training center, making a significant contribution to the preparation of over 50% of the professionals currently operating in the region’s ports. Offering a wide range of educational programs, from Postgraduate Masters in Maritime Law, Environmental Management, and International Traffic to Professional Training for Port Personnel, CEMA benefited various sectors by providing specialized international training in the maritime-port field.

In 2015, the Stier Group took a bold step by inaugurating the Stier Training Centre, the first private training center located at Taliarte Dock. This centre specializes in obtaining international certifications that are essential for working in three key sectors: the Petroleum Sector (OPITO), the Wind Energy Sector (GWO), and the Maritime Sector (STCW/DGMM).

This initiative marked a significant milestone in the development of professional training in the Canary Islands and strengthened the region’s position as a strategic hub between three continents: Africa, Europe, and America.

The Stier Training Centre thus becomes the ideal partner to bring to fruition any professional qualification project in Senegal and Mauritania, leveraging its expertise and recognition in maritime-port training and its commitment to excellence in training. In summary, the Stier Group and the Stier Training Centre continue to play an essential role in the training and development of professionals in the maritime and port sector, strengthening the position of the Canary Islands as a center of excellence in professional training in the industry.


We provide training and support to empower the next generations with the necessary knowledge to thrive in this competitive maritime market.

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