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P&I Correspondents

professional liability coverage to the world fleet

P&I Correspondents

Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Clubs are mutual insurance Associations based in London who play a key role in the maritime industry. These Clubs provide professional liability coverage to the world fleet, having under their control approximately 99% of it. P&I main objective is to protect Ship Owners and Ship Operators from the risks and liabilities associated with the maritime and shipping world.

The global network of P&I Correspondent is one of the essential elements for the success of the Clubs. Correspondents are authorized companies operating around the world and established in various ports and maritime regions. Correspondents’ main objective is to provide a prompt and qualified response in case of any maritime emergency, ensuring that wherever they are the P&I Clubs’ Members receive the imperative assistance they need. Correspondent’s network plays a crucial function in claims management, risk assessment and problem solving in the maritime emergencies at sea or ashore.

In the Canary Islands, Grupo Stier is appointed Correspondent by most of the International P&I and Insurance Clubs since 1994. As P&I Correspondent, Grupo Stier is responsible for coordinating and managing in the region (Canary islands, Cape Vert and W.Africa), all types of maritime emergencies.

This covers a wide range of situations, going from Crew members Personal Injuries to incident with stowaways on board ships or, damages to vessels and/or their bulk cargoes, containers, etc.

Grupo Stier’s Emergency Coordination Team has the ability to face challenging situations and turn the impossible into possible. His technical experience and legal knowledge are invaluable to the P&I Club’s Members and other Clients, in solving complex issues to minimizing the impacts or consequences of their maritime incidents.

In addition to the emergency situations, the services offered by Grupo Stier extend beyond the insurance market. Whenever possible, we also offer specialised service to deal with the Claim Handling and legal matters related to transport liability for Road Carriers and Freight Forwarders. This outsourcing service allows Companies to focus on their core operations while relying on Grupo Stier’s expertise to resolve complex legal and operational issues in benefit of the insurance market too.


P&I Correspondents as Grupo Stier in the Canary Islands, play a crucial role in the maritime industry by providing an expert and efficient response to the emergencies at sea and by offering Claims handling and legal services that benefit the entire maritime community. Their contribution is essential to maintaining safety and stability in the global maritime world.

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