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Surveys and Inspections

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Surveys and Inspections

Surveys are part of the maritime services and an essential complement to ensure safety, quality and efficiency in any operation related to the maritime transport. Surveys complementary service is fruit of Grupo Stier’s commitment and their capacity to provide comprehensive solutions to their Clients.

This activity is usually recommended when Clients require services or, the situation needs an evaluation. The human team is composed by Surveyors, Inspectors, Average and Claim Adjusters. All of them highly qualified professionals who have been trained by two emblematic companies in the maritime industry: BMT in Antwerp and Grupo Stier in the Canary Islands.  Such strategic alliance ensures that the Surveyors Team has a deep and update knowledge of international best practices and standards.

Surveys are directly carried out by the Surveyors appointed through the Company constituted to his purpose “Associated Independent Surveyrors (AIS)” where each Surveyor develops the entrusted inspection independently.

 That’s the real AIS’s testimony to ensure transparency, impartiality and integrity at the time to conduct any survey service and report. Through AIS, the Surveyors offer to their Clients an objective and high-quality service that supports the decision-making in all the maritime incidents.

Surveys services play an essential role in assessing the ship condition, engine and cargo damages, shore-based equipment and any other critical issue related to the maritime industry. Service includes the identification and origin of any problem or damage, its evaluation to determine liabilities and responsibilities of parties involved in the event of engine breakdowns or consequential losses along with the safety risks and compliance with current regulations.


Surveys & Inspections are the basic services offered by AIS company and supported by a highly skilled team who guarantees the quality and reliability in the performance of these services. This intention to focus on excellence, demonstrates AIS’s commitment to customer satisfaction and safety in the maritime industry. 

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