The passengers of the CNG ferry that caught fire had to be evacuated through inflatable tubes to the lifeboats

The 350 passengers of the CNG ship were evacuated in lifeboats and with maritime rescue boats.

The passengers of the burning CNG ferry had to be evacuated through inflatable tubes to the lifeboats, with a calm sea but it was still a strong experience for some passengers.

The fire broke out in the engine room and the smoke reached deck 3. A fire brigade was in charge of extinguishing it, while the passengers were transferred to the boat deck.

The Tenacia ship, which, at the time of the accident at 02:00 in the morning, had nearly 400 passengers on board, as well as cargo of all kinds, was taken to the Valencian port ten hours later.


Escape Chute Stier Training Centre
Escape Chute Stier Training Centre


At Stier Training Centre, in situations like these we recommend the OPITO Escape Chute Training Courses, Code OPITO 5770, which we have in progress.

The main objective of the course is to familiarize the student with the evacuation system and with the practices, the student is able to act in an emergency, reducing any danger that could arise on board with other Offshore Workers.

This course is valid for sailors, passengers, cruise passengers or anyone who may find themselves in an emergency situation on the high seas.



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