Naval engineers warn of the risk of the sector in Spain due to the lack of professionals

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The 63rd Congress of Naval Engineering and Maritime Industry the last month in Madrid, at the Higher Technical School of Naval Engineers, and broughts together more than 350 professionals and experts from the sector until Friday, highlighted, in its opening session, presents the “ outstanding leadership position on a global and European scale and the extraordinary opportunities” that the profession offers. However, they warn of “a serious lack”, that of “sufficient naval engineers to meet current and, above all, future demand.”

In this sense, Diego Fernandez Casado, president of the Association of Naval and Oceanic Engineers of Spain, has highlighted the “historical commitment to our naval heritage” and recalled that “the exciting future of the profession and the sector as a whole depends on the graduates from this school and the other four that offer the Master’s degree in Naval Engineering.”

In this same sense, the general director of the Merchant Marine, Gustavo Santana, has stressed that the “need to equip new ships and the development of new fields such as the deployment of offshore wind energy makes it essential to promote vocations and have more graduates in a sector that already suffers from a large deficit of professionals.”

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