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In June 2023, Spain  recovered its position in this market, placing itself in the eighth place behind such relevant countries as Germany, France and the United Kingdom. A data that distinguishes our country as being of great interest to investors and new players in the sector.

 The Canary Islands, on the other hand, are experiencing moments of great expectation with the creation of Offshore Wind Farms in our environment and the estimated growth of almost 300.000 jobs, expected worldwide between now and 2030. In this sense, there are many institutions and organizations that are supporting this sector in the Islands, highlighting among them the great work of the Canary Islands Maritime Cluster and the PLOCAN Test Center, main actors in the SEAWORTHY Pioneer Project of the European Commission.  These encouraging data on jobs also require great professionalism in the sector, which is why each company is demanding qualified personnel, both to provide services at Wind Farms and to carry out their maintenance and/or repairs. A personnel that is required to be properly trained and have GWO Certification. GWO is an international non-profit organization that regulates the Wind and Renewable Energy Sector, to ensure the highest level of safety in the industry and maximum efficiency in the GWO Training Centers, so that they meet the requirements that this Organization establishes.

 Internationally speaking, all Companies in the Wind Sector require t the  professional training standards being commited in accordance with all that the GWO requires to prevent or minimize the risks that technicians face at work. This professional training is only given in recognized, authorized and accredited by the GWO training centers.

Stier Training Center, Taliarte is the only Center in the Canary Islands that offers the 5 Modules of the Basic Safety Training Courses and their respective updates, approved by the GWO. This GWO International Certification is what accredits any professional in the sector (welder, electrician, fitter, etc.) so that they can work in the sector and it is the master key to open the greatest number of doors in the more than 122 existing wind farms on the Gran Canaria island:

25 in Fuerteventura, 12 in Lanzarote, 41 in Tenerife, 9 in La Palma, 6 in La Gomera and 1 in El Hierro.

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