The Government proposes legislative changes to promote generational change in the stevedoring sector

The coalition government has proposed a legislative amendment to introduce generational replacement clauses in state-level collective agreements in the port stevedoring sector. This measure responds to the challenges faced by some ports, such as Bilbao, due to the increase in retirements.

The amendment is incorporated into the law that seeks to establish a new independent administrative authority for the technical investigation of railway, maritime and civil aviation accidents and incidents. The proposal aims to add a final provision to the text, which modifies the State Ports and Merchant Navy Law, allowing the termination of the employment contract due to reaching the retirement age in the functional scope of port stevedores.

With this modification, the dockers’ agreements may establish clauses that allow the termination of the employment contract when the worker has reached an age equal to or greater than the ordinary retirement age, considering the corresponding reduction coefficients for the retirement age.

For those workers whose working life has not been fully developed in the stevedoring sector, formulas will be sought to avoid damage to the amount of their pension as a consequence of forced retirement. This would ensure that said workers are not negatively affected in their pension rights.

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