State Ports Training

Professional Training for Dangerous Goods Handling


10 hours
(8 theoretical and
2 practical)






Stier Training Centre


Basic Level, Port Components (State Ports - Puertos del Estado)


Professional Training for Dangerous
Goods Handling

This course is a mandatory requirement for all persons who are part of the port community and are involved in the handling and storage of dangerous goods, as well as in the management of emergency situations in this context.

The great news is that this course is so relevant and in demand that State Ports (Puertos del Estado) has entrusted its teaching and certification to recognised Centres that have the necessary homologation to award this higher qualification. This guarantees that you will receive the best training and be fully prepared to face any challenge in a port environment.

This course is valid and highly recommended for all people working in a port area, as it will increase your knowledge and skills to ensure a safe environment.

In addition, it is also beneficial for those sitting for government examinations, such as police officers, firefighters and other professionals.

At Stier Training, we are proud to be approved by entity State Ports (Puertos del Estado) to deliver this course both online and in person. We are committed to providing you with the best training and preparation in the port environment.

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To enable the student to acquire basic knowledge in the field of dangerous goods and to be able to react to emergencies that may occur.


Module 1 – Dangerous Goods Classes.

Module 2 – Handling of goods on board and on land

Module 3 – Emergency Response

Module 4 – Maritime Nomenclature and General Arrangement of Ships.


Professional Diploma issued by Stier Group, LQRA ISO 9001;2015.

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