Escape Chute Training, Code 5770” – New OPITO Accreditation

Today best news, is the INAUGURATION of the OPITO Escape Chute Training Standard, OPITO Code 5770, as from September 2023 in Stier Training Centre, Gran Canaria. This new Certification will dissipate Learners’ problems at the time they wish to join any rig or vessel in the Northern Sea (UK && Norway). Escape Chute Standard is an independent module or, can be delivered in combination as BOSIET CA EBS & Escape Chute Certification, Code OPITO 5751.

Escape Chute Training Standard is an additional module, accredited by OPITO, to comply with the Agreement established between the Oil & Gas Associations of the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark and the NOGEPA in the Netherlands. It’s by them recognized and accepted under the Agreement “Mutual Recognition of Basic and Refresher Safety and Emergency Preparedness Training”.

The main objective of the Course is the evacuation system familiarisation requested in the Northern Sea to avoid falls into their icy waters. Learners acquire experience through the Course practical being able to respond to any emergency and to minimise risks at sea with the other Offshore Workers.

Grupo Stier is the unique in Spain to achieve this goal. Currently, Centre is managing 12 OPITO accreditations and, we look forward to obtaining 8 more which will be announced throughout the academic year 2023/2024. You now have the possibility to get trained in our Centre with no need to travel abroad or, to be rejected upon arrival in Norway. OPITO Escape Chute Training Standard (code 5770) or  the combined standard BOSIET CA EBS & Escape Chute, under Code OPITO 5751, available in Spain from September 2023.

Faithful to our values, we are walking towards our XXX Anniversary, to ensure that Grupo Stier  delivers a Quality Training to allow our Learners  to reach the international labour market with the major number of qualifications in their hands.

And, by December 2023, we will be introducing the new Training Programs focused on safety at work (H2S) and operations with heavy cargo or spare parts, for the Oil & Gas / Wind industry sector focused on workforce skills (Crane and Rigger Operators). Standards: Rigger Initial Traning, Rigger Competence Assessment & Reassessment; Banksman Slinger Initial Training, Banksman Slinger Competence Assessment & Reassessment).

Escape Chute Video: Link

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