STCW Training

Non-Fast Rescue Boats and Survival Craft (NFRBSC)


24 hours
(12 theoretical and
12 practical)




Stier Training Centre



Non-Fast Rescue Boats and
Survival Craft (NFRBSC)

Prepare for a career in the maritime industry with our Specialized Certificate in Survival Craft Training!

This certificate, regulated by the IMO’s STCW Convention, is an essential requirement for all crew members, whether from the Deck, Engine, or Steward’s department, regardless of the classification of the merchant vessel they work on. Its validity is five years, and to keep the title current, relevant update courses must be completed.

Survival craft training is the key step to consolidate all the necessary knowledge as a crew member and be fully prepared for a successful professional career in any shipping company.

Mastering the use of these craft in case of evacuation or facing any other onboard accident is crucial.

Best of all, this certificate is valid for anyone looking to embark on an exciting career at sea, whether on ferries, cruise ships, port vessels, barges, or recreational maritime sector vessels.

Enroll now and obtain your Specialized Certificate in Survival Craft Training!


The trainee must be physically fit and not exceed 120kg in weight and have the GWO (BST) certificate still in force or the GWO (BSTR) certificate of the required modules (four of the onshore training and five of the offshore training).


To equip the student to handle, under any circumstances and weather conditions, all types of survival craft and/or non-fast rescue boats, their lifesaving equipment, and engines. Organize survivors in the event of abandoning the ship in accordance with the current regulations.


Module 1 – Survival at Sea in Case of Abandoning Ship

Module 2 – Fire Prevention and Fighting

Module 3 – Adoption of Minimum Competence Standards in First Aid

Module 4 – Workplace Safety and Social Responsibilities


Certificate approved by the Directorate General of Merchant Marine (DGMM) and the Ministry of Transport, Mobility, and Urban Agenda (MITMA).

Professional Diploma issued by Grupo Stier, LRQA ISO 9001:2015.

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