STCW Training

Deck Rating M.M.


70 hours
(45 theoretical and
25 practical)




Stier Training Centre



Deck Rating M.M.

Set sail towards your future at sea with our Certificate of Proficiency, issued in compliance with current regulations and in full harmony with the STCW Convention!

This certificate is the key you need to perform specific duties aboard vessels. Best of all, it’s accessible to those who meet simple yet crucial requirements.

If you have a minimum of 2 months of experience on merchant or fishing vessels and have carried out navigation watch duties under the supervision of a superior,

this certificate is for you! It will provide you with the skills and authorization needed to advance in your maritime career.

Don’t wait any longer to take a step forward in your professional journey at sea. Obtain our Certificate of Proficiency and prepare to take on essential duties on board. Your future in the maritime industry awaits. Enroll now!


To qualify the student to be part of the navigation watch on merchant vessels (non-fishing) with gross tonnage equal to or greater than 500 GT, developing the relevant competencies, at a support level, in navigation duties in accordance with the provisions of STCW Code Section A-II/4.


Module 1 – Nomenclature and Definitions: Ship’s Bridge and Deck

Module 2 – Ship Handling, Lookout Duty, and Safe Watchkeeping

Module 3 – Actions in Emergencies and Use of Safety Equipment

Module 4 – Maritime English Terminology: Orders and Ship Handling


Certificate approved by the Directorate General of Merchant Marine (DGMM) and the Ministry of Transport, Mobility, and Urban Agenda (MITMA).

Professional Diploma issued by Grupo Stier, LRQA ISO 9001:2015.

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