State Ports Training

Professional Training for Dangerous Goods Handling


40 hours
(15 theoretical and
8 practical)






Stier Training Centre


Higher Level, Wharf or Terminal Operator (State Ports – Puertos de Estado)


Professional Training for Dangerous
Goods Handling

This certificate is essential to become a highly qualified professional in a port or dry dock terminal. As a Dock Operator, you will be the key player in the loading and unloading operations of dangerous goods. You will have the important responsibility of managing permits and ensuring the safe storage of this cargo, always complying with safety measures and current regulations.

The good news is that this course is accessible to a wide range of people with port aspirations. If you have a higher education qualification, you are ready to embark on this exciting adventure.

In addition, if you do not have a degree, but have demonstrable experience of at least two years in the industry over the last five years, supported by a certificate from your employer, and hold a bachelor’s degree, you are also eligible.

Don’t miss the opportunity to train and excel in the port industry – enrol on our course and prepare yourself to become a highly skilled Dock Operator!


To enable the student to acquire the necessary knowledge established in the current regulations on dangerous goods, IMDG Code, RID and ADR, and to be able to carry out their functions in compliance with the protection and safety measures in accordance with the type of goods being handled.


Module 1 – The Transport of Dangerous Goods

Module 2 – International Organisations and Conventions

Module 3 – Dangerous Goods in liquid and solid bulk form

Module 4 – Admission, Handling and Storage of Dangerous Goods

Module 5 – Responsibilities of the Dock – Terminal Operator

Module 6 – On Board and Shore Emergency Plan

Module 7 – Dangerous Goods Pollution Prevention

Module 8 – The IMDG Code

Module 9 – Containers, packaging, labelling, identification, storage.

Module 10 – MMPP operations and their documentation

Module 11 – First Aid in accidents related to MM.PP.

Module 12 – First Aid Practices

Module 13 – Fire prevention and practice with portable fire extinguishers

Module 14 – Maritime Nomenclature


Professional Diploma issued by Grupo Stier, LQRA ISO 9001;2015, homologated and countersigned by the President of Puertos del Estado.

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