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Prioritise safety and wellbeing in offshore with our Prevention of Occupational Risks courses! While requirements may vary from company to company, investing in occupational safety training is always a smart and highly recommended decision.

Our offer includes two specialised courses, the IMIST (International Minimum Industry Safety Training) and MIST (Minimum Industry Safety Training)

courses are training programmes designed by OPITO (Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization) to provide workers in the oil and gas industry with the necessary safety skills and knowledge to work safely in offshore environments.

Target group

The MIST (Minimum Industry Safety Training) course is primarily aimed at workers in the oil and gas industry who perform duties in maritime and offshore environments. This course focuses on providing participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to work safely on oil platforms, offshore vessels and other maritime installations. The following is the target audience for the MIST course:

  1. Oil and gas industry workers: The MIST is designed for personnel working in various roles in the industry, such as technicians, operators, engineers, maintenance personnel, logisticians and others. Any individual who performs activities on offshore platforms, vessels or offshore facilities related to the oil industry can benefit from this course.
  2. Safety and supervisory personnel: Supervisors and managers in the oil and gas industry who are responsible for ensuring the safety of their equipment and operations can also take the MIST course to better understand safety standards and procedures in offshore environments.
  3. Helicopter and vessel crews: The MIST course is particularly relevant for helicopter crews providing transport to and from offshore platforms, as well as vessel crews providing support services to the offshore industry.
  4. Search and rescue personnel: Search and rescue teams operating in maritime and offshore areas must be well trained in maritime safety, and MIST is an important part of their training.
  5. New workers and contractors: Often, companies in the oil and gas industry require new employees and contractors to demonstrate successful completion of the MIST course before they are allowed to work in offshore environments.


It is important to mention that the MIST course is not exclusive oriented to a particular group of workers, but is designed to provide a solid foundation of maritime and offshore safety knowledge for any individual working or planning to work in the oil and gas industry in these conditions. Safety is a critical priority in the offshore industry, and MIST plays a key role in ensuring that all workers are properly prepared to deal with emergency situations and operate safely in challenging offshore environments.




The objective of the MIST (Minimum Industry Safety Training) course focuses on the identification and mitigation of occupational hazards in maritime and offshore environments. Through this training programme, participants gain crucial knowledge about potential hazards in their workplace, understand the importance of individual and collective safety, and become skilled in the effective management and control of occupational hazards. In addition, the course comprehensively addresses all aspects of helicopter safety, a vital part of offshore logistics. In summary, the MIST aims to prepare workers to operate safely in the oil and gas industry in offshore environments, ensuring a solid safety awareness and the ability to respond appropriately in emergency situations.


Module 1: Major accident hazards

Module 2: Workplace hazards and personal safety

Module 3: Risk management

Module 4: Work control

Module 5: Helicopter safety


Face-to-face or online. Both have the same duration, one and a half days.


OPITO certification valid for four years, which must be updated before expiry.

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