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The BOSIET EBS (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training) or BOSIET CA EBS (BOSIET Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System) course is crucial training for those wishing to work in the oil industry on offshore platforms or offshore vessels. This initial and essential certification has become a fundamental requirement to ensure the safety of workers in challenging and potentially dangerous offshore environments.

The BOSIET EBS or BOSIET CA EBS course is delivered by highly trained and experienced instructors who guide participants through practical scenarios and realistic emergency simulations. This allows students to gain confidence in their skills and be prepared to face real challenges in the offshore environment.

Target group

The BOSIET EBS or BOSIET CA EBS course is aimed at a specific group of individuals who wish to enter and work in the oil industry on offshore platforms or offshore vessels. This training course is designed to meet the needs of:

  1. New employees: Those who are new to the oil industry and wish to start a career on offshore platforms should take this course to acquire the essential skills and knowledge required to operate safely in offshore environments.
  2. Oil and service company staff: Current or future employees of oil companies, as well as service companies related to the offshore industry, should complete this course to meet safety requirements and ensure their ability to respond effectively to emergency situations.
  3. Maintenance and operations workers: This course is relevant to maintenance, operations, logistics and other roles working directly on offshore platforms and vessels. It provides them with the skills necessary to operate safely in offshore environments and respond to emergency situations.
  4. Search and rescue teams: Search and rescue teams operating on offshore platforms must be certified in BOSIET EBS or BOSIET CA EBS to carry out their duties effectively and safely during emergency incidents.
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