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Is your BOSIET Certificate about to expire? Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for you: the FOET Revalidation Course!

This course is essential to keep your offshore safety skills up to date and be prepared to act in emergency situations.

At our centre, you will be guided through the most important aspects of maritime safety by highly qualified and experienced instructors.

In addition, you will obtain a FOET revalidation certificate that will allow you to continue your career in the oil industry without interruption.

Don’t risk your safety and your job by not keeping your certificate up to date – enrol now in our FOET Revalidation Course and be prepared for any offshore emergency! Your safety and your future in the oil industry are our priority.

Target group

The FOET CA EBS (Further Offshore Emergency Training Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System) or EBS (Emergency Breathing System) course is aimed at a specific group of people who have already completed the BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training) or BOSIET CA EBS course (if it is the variant that includes the use of the compressed air breathing system). It is designed to maintain and update the safety skills and knowledge of those working in the oil industry on offshore platforms or offshore vessels. The following are the target audience for these courses:

  1. Workers with experience in the offshore oil industry: the FOET CA EBS or EBS course is designed for people who already have experience in offshore work and have previously completed a BOSIET or BOSIET CA EBS course. It provides them with an opportunity to update and renew their safety and emergency response skills, which is essential to ensure that they remain safe and effective workers on offshore platforms and vessels.
  2. Periodic renewal requirement: In many petroleum industries, personnel are required to renew their safety training periodically, usually every four years. The FOET CA EBS or EBS course fulfils this need, as it allows workers to keep their certification current and keep abreast of the latest safety practices and emergency procedures.
  3. Regulatory compliance: Many oil companies and industry regulators require personnel working in offshore environments to have up-to-date safety training. The FOET CA EBS or EBS helps to meet these regulatory requirements and ensures that personnel are properly prepared to respond to emergency situations at sea.

Revalidation must take place with the certificate still in force and just before its expiry.


The main objective of this course is to ensure that you are up to date with the latest safety protocols and emergency procedures. Keeping your BOSIET certificate up to date is crucial to your safety and the safety of your colleagues at sea.


Module 1: Basic Safety Rules

Module 2: Helicopter Escape and Safety

Module 3: Fire Fighting and Personal Rescue

Module 4: First Aid


On-site training.


OPITO certification valid for four years which must be updated before it expires.

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