Train the Dock or Terminal Operators for the performance of their duties in accordance with regulations in force.


 Department of Operations, Import / Export, Logistics, Distribution, Purchases / Sales, Storage, Laboratories, Safety and Hygiene, and all those who are involved in the handling of dangerous goods. 


  •  Mod 1 Introduction. Transport of Dangerous Goods, its risks and accidents. 
  • Mod 2 International organizations and agreements. Legislation and Responsibilities 
  • Mod 3 The IMDG – ADR – RID code 
    • Classes of Dangerous Goods. Properties Package, RIG, tanks and containers. 
    • Identification, labelling. 
    • Segregation and stowage – Operations of transport. 
  • Mod 4 Vehicles and railways at the docks and terminals. 
  • Mod 5 Admission of the MM.PP. 
    • Documentation – The Dock Operator. 
  • Mod 6 Hydrocarbons, Liquefied Gases and Chemicals a Bulk. 
  • Mod 7 Operations and storage. 
  • Mod 8 Maritime Nomenclature and general arrangement of ships. 
  • Mod 9 Protection Facilities and Equipment. 
    • Emergency Plans – PEI 
  • Mod 10 Prevention and fight against pollution. 
  • Mod 11 Actions in case of emergency and protection equipment. 
    • First aid. – Accidents with MM.PP 
  • Mod 12 Fire Fighting Practices. 


 40 hours. Theoretical 35 hours and Practical 5 hours 


  •  Student’s Manual 
  • Additional support information 


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