Stier Group has recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary in the city of London with all the Clubs and Companies that have accompanied us during these years of maritime service.
London received us with a generous welcome where Ida Stier, CEO of Grupo Stier, along with his most represen tative collaborators, enjoyed a soiree full of memories and anecdotes.
The celebration had a reminder from the beginning of Ida Stier in the company, where there w ere times to mention the keys of an internationally patented success.
Ida Stier, expressed her gratitude and intention to continue growing in the P&I activity, as well as in the continuous search for new training lines that we are developing in Stier Training Center, our Training Center.
It should be pointed out that the geographical location of the Canary Islands has make it a strategic meeting point as a link between Europe and the rest of the continents.
After twenty-five years of establishing the first office in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Grupo Stier can boast having offices in other parts of Spain and outside it such as Tenerife, Ceuta, Algeciras, Barcelona, Madrid and Cape Verde (Mindelo and Praia).

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