Train the student to perform functions of fisherman sailor in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force. 


 Any person who meets the established requirements and aim to: 

  • Handle for commercial purposes, vessels of less than 10 meters in length, dedicated to fishing or as aquaculture assistant 
  • work as a sailor on fishing vessels. 


  •  Mod 1. Concept, knowledge and denomination of the different ship elements and equipments, 
  • Mod 2. Steering of the ship, watch and guard services 
  • Mod 3. Load and unnload operations 
  • Mod 4. Maneuvers of the ship in port 
  • Mod 5. Management and maintenance 
  • Mod 6. Safety and health at fishing tasks 
  • Mod 7. Handling and conservation of fishery and aquaculture products 
  • Mod 8. Protection of the marine environment and resources 


23 Hours. Theoretical 15 hours and Practical 8 hours. 


  •  Student Manual 
  • Additional support information 
  • Folder 


27,28 and 29 January

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