Stier Training Center welcomes students from the CEAR organization

 Grupo Stier beganthis Monday with a new BOSIET EBS course aimed at training to work on offshoreplatforms and ships.

Students attendingthese training sessions will be able to work on Offshore platforms or ships.The Spanish refugee assistance commission( known in Spanish as CEAR), rely on the commitment and support of Grupo Stier for the realization of these courses, which aim to promoteemployment within this sector topeople who need international refugeor who are at social exclusion risk.

Stier Training Center, which is a reference in the field of training, has a Center adapted to the needs of this type of course under the standards of the OPITO international certification.

The course named BOSIETEBS has durationof five days and is composed of four modules among which is survivalon the high seas. Theprimary objectiveis to introduce students to aspects related to safety, as well as to provide them with thenecessary skills and knowledgethat permit themto deal with emergencies during voyages.

Grupo Stier XXI, dedicated to the maritime sector since 1994, is currently the soleprivate training center in Spain that offers an offshore maritime education with international OPITO accreditation. In addition, the company recently turned 25 years since it beganits career in the teaching sector and is in full growth with the openingof other courses dedicated to GWO training and work at height aimed at the renewable energy sector.

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