What does BOSIET mean?

BOSIET stands for Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training, a training course recognized internationally under the OPITO certification.

This standard is designed to train workers and to fulfill sea safety requirements through a particularly practical training course with training exercises for emergency situations.

Is BOSIET the certification I need?

The BOSIET training course is for anyone who works or would like to work in the offshore oil&gas industry, whether on platforms, offshore facilities, etc.

The course includes helicopter accident survival, firefighting, first aid, sea survival, self-rescue with lifeboats and boarding a totally enclosed motor propelled survival craft.

What does CA EBS mean?

The acronym next to some of the BOSIET modalities refers to the type of breathing system used on all British and Dutch helicopter flights. It stands for Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System.

And then?

The OPITO BOSIET certificate with EBS and CA-EBS is valid for 4 years. It can be renewed through the Further Offshore Emergency Training, or FOET. This training is also certified by OPITO. It is very important to note that the BOSIET certificate must still be valid when the FOET is reserved.

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